A parasite known as fear

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TJ Morrison
December,7 2013
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I almost look at fear as a parasite, destroying you from the inside out. Beginning within the depths of your thoughts slowly entering your feelings and eventually making it’s way to the outer expressions we make. There’s so many different forms of fear, the fear of rejection is my weakest form of fear. I hate being told no… But yet I can’t have the word yes given to me either. I am always saying something about courage conquering fear. Taking just a hhsmall amount of time to believe in yourself without thinking without even having a second thought is courage… Looking fear in the eyes and saying no I’m not standing here to be told no and feeling the rush that you get when courage takes over your thinking



​Today’s education system features low pay for those who enter into the work force after retaining a 4 year degree. The starting average salary in the United States is $35,600 a year. Oklahoma’s beginning teacher’s salary is quite a bit lower at $31,600. This is considerably below average for a bachelor’s degree; whose average salary is $45,327. The typical school day lasts 8 hours. During those eight hours, the teacher is on his or her feet, teaching lessons, dealing with behavioral issues, grading papers, administering tests, planning curriculum, building relationships, creating a positive environment, and being a parent-like figure to students. That being said, not only does a teacher work with students for 8 hours of the day, he or she often spends 1 to 2 hours in the evenings preparing lessons for the next day, most take home papers to grade, and continue to work on projects for the classroom. A teacher’s job doesn’t stop when the bell rings.

​There are many stereotypical sayings about teachers such as: “they get paid a lot”, or “oh, they only work 9 months out of the year”. Yes, teachers do teach 9 months out of the year, but during the summer a teacher typically spends 2-4 weeks in training and/or attending staff development seminars. Approximately 3 weeks is spent rebuilding, correcting, and planning the curriculum to meet the new standards set for the next school year. Teachers spend many hours in their classrooms prior to the new school year decorating, copying, and planning. After adding up the time spent, it leaves a teacher with 1 to 2 weeks to spare over the summer.

​The students in today’s public school systems have a variety of socioeconomic statuses, with more and more in the low income level. Some children have very little discipline at home, and a large number are neglected. When this type of student steps into the school, the teacher’s job is to make them feel like they are loved and giving them the desire to succeed becomes a priority. Unfortunately, more and more students now fit into these categories. Now don’t take this statement the wrong way, but teachers typically tend to teach students things that their parents may never be able to teach their child. Some teachers take on a parental role in students whose homes may be broken, or where a student has been neglected. This role is a part that teachers receive little or no recognition for; however, they continue to be a teacher for the love, hope, and betterment of a student’s future.

​Not only do the teachers have to work with the students, but parents as well. Earlier it was stated that students may not come from a stable household, meaning the teachers have to work with the parents of those students as well. From self-conducted observations, parents daily complain about school systems, and have remarks about their child in the classroom. Whether it is complaints of behavioral issues; or even questions about the students learning abilities, the majority of parents have little understanding of what goes on inside those classroom doors. Children/students aren’t perfect nor are they expected to be; however, teachers are trained professionals and deserve respect. Parents in particular do not show respect for teachers like they should.

​All of this being stated; teachers are underpaid, and highly unappreciated individuals by those who have limited understanding of the public educational system. Something needs to change. In recent years there has been a sharp decline in students choosing the education field of study. It is a fact that in the very near future this impact will be felt. There will be fewer teachers to teach the students for the future. On a personal note, coming from a long line of teachers, I know they don’t teach for the praise or the pay, but for the love of a student and self-reward they get when their students succeed.

I’m back.

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I’ve somewhat neglected writing here. Caught up in other things and whatnot, I have realized that I miss my writing time, thus it creates an escape and a serenity that I need in my life so hopefully I will be able to keep you guys up on posts!

Quote of the day.

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My apologies for not posting a quote of the day these last couple of days some things came up. So today you get a 3 in 1 and get 3 quotes





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Yes you heard it right this a review on iOS 7! With so many new features available in this new iOS, it makes it almost seem like that your iPhone may not be apple after all! The new setting integration with the control center may just make this iOS stand out from all other operating systems on phones. You can now without an app from the App Store use your flash as a flashlight, turn your Bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode, do not disturb, and screen rotation options off and on with a simple upwards swipe, you can access clocks, camera and your calculator with this feature too.

After using the actual release for one day I’m a fan. The new way the background or the current app affects the color of your notification center and your control center adds a bit of a personality you might say. The interface is so much more crisp and clean and features a broader spectrum of a new way to view your phone. The change of the app size and look is somewhat annoying to some users I’ve heard talking about iOS 7 but in my opinion it makes the device look less crowded. Another really great feature that might catch your eye is the moving wallpaper. Your wallpaper moving with your features is something to take note of. Overall the new interface for being as advanced as it is it makes the iPhone just that much closer to being the only phone anyone would like to own.

Although the new touch and feel to the iOS may seem a bit foreign to you it’s still everything you loved about your apple and more. New features such as iTunes Radio almost makes other radio streaming apps obsolete, every song featured on iTunes Radio is available for purchase with a quick tap!

So many iPhone users that have already downloaded the new iOS are quick to say its weird, or I don’t like it. You just aren’t used to it. Overall the smoothness of transitioning from app to app, using new features and the color spectrum of the iOS makes this iOS by far the best apple has ever produced.